Madhav, student in his 30s from India, he is married, with his wife living in India. They are going to reunite when Madhav finishes his studies and finds a job in Ireland.

I lived there [Delhi] since—I have two homes actually. Not right now, but when I born I born in another home, okay. Then I have full memories of that home as well because I was born there, I lived there right until 10 years. I was 10 years old. But I have full memories. And I can explain. I can draw even pictures, because my mind is photogenic actually. It does not like—if I see some place, I can describe you the colour, I can describe you the appearance, I can describe you the structure. My mind is photogenic. So I can explain you after one month where this scenario is here.

Dunnes Store in Central Cork as a key place in Cork for shopping for Madhav.

A view of the city by the river where Madhav takes a walk and thinks about his future.

Celebrating Diwali with friends with some borrowed substitutes.

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