Negassi, is a student and child of a refugee family from Ethiopia. He is 19.

Negassi’s family live in another town in Ireland. He commutes to Cork every week and lives in a shared accommodation. He is very quiet, is not outgoing and spends much of his time in his room or in the university, studying. His parents plan to leave for Ethiopia, having a difficult time to adapt to Ireland, but Negassi plans to stay and look after himself and his younger brother. He believes he will have a better future in Ireland.

This is the pub near university, where I come to watch soccer. Although the sign now is for rugby.

There is a coffee places, I am taking you there. […] and there’s this thing called jebena. It’s just like—what do you call it—it looks like a teapot but it’s not. Like it’s made from some kind of soil. So it’s very different. I don’t make coffee that much. I just have to buy the beans for my mother. When I go back to Cork, yeah, I have to buy one.

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