Soroush, in his early 30s, is a student from Iran.

After going through much hassle, he arrived in Ireland to study computer science. He is passionate about cycling and spends much time walking around the city.

This is one of the locations I frequently visit […] The barber is from Soleimanieh, Iraq. He has learned speaking Farsi, in some refugee camps [being friends] with Iranian asylum seekers. There are several reasons I go to this place…. Hmm, look, anywhere you go you have to wait for a long time. He also has a good knowledge of Iranians in Cork and of Cork in general. He can give you useful information… Oh, there is something else, he is good in cutting your hair the German style, if you notice, it is the classic style, popular in Iran. He is also married to an Iranian woman, from Mashhad, like yourself.

This is the gate of the university, an everyday passage.

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